Fearing Google and it’s action on sponsored posts

Many webmasters are scared of doing paid posts because Google might punish their rankings and PR.  The fact of the matter is most will earn in one month what it would take a year to earn from the traffic google sends you.  There is some exceptions, but for the most part that is generally true.  I say stop fearing google if you want to not shortchange your income.  Besides PR mainly is important only to those doing sponsored links or posts.


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Pagerank isn’t everything

I’ve had sites with high PR that don’t get much traffic, while others with low PR get a lot.  PR is only a small fraction of how you rank.

If you have a high PR but only a few pages you won’t do to good. Unique content and lot’s of it helps bring out the benefit from a high pagerank.  How many backlinks and how relevant your content is to the search query and the age of your site, is even more important than Pagerank.

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The First thing you need to do to your blog!

You need to redesign it.

When you first look at a blog often unless something REALLY grabs your attention you will quickly move on and may never revisit again. A blog with a custom design that is pleasing to the eye could increase your repeat visits by 10 to 50% IMO. Over a year that could lead to massive exponential growth.

In this post I will be talking about wordpress hosted on your own server and not a free one like the one here. So if your using something else just ignore the technical details.

In wordpress if you are using the default theme all you have to do is in the header.php file remove the div id tag labeled header until the next division tag. This will keep the generic default top from showing. And instead put in html code for a 728 X 100 image designed in microsoft paint or adobe photoshop.

The next thing you may want to do is change the style.css file and modify the colors of the links/text to match the custom image or theme of your blog.

Other additons ive done to my blog are modify the loop in index.php to call a PPC banner(such as google adsense or adbrite) 3 times overall in an alteranating fashion. For example after the 2nd blog post after the 5th and after the 8th blog posts. That way people might be tempted to click on the ad between the blogposts they are reading.

There is many other things you could do also such as have a technorati search built in at the end of every blog posts(with a target tag so it opens a new window) so people could search other bloggers for more info.

These kinds of things will get repeat visitors and for other bloggers to take notice and link to you!

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Why your next website NEEDS a Blog

A blog is one of the most important things you can do to put on a website. Sometimes a blog is adequate BY ITSELF. So why is a blog such a big deal?

Blogs have become a niche market in the internet. And with that niche they now have their own search engines such as Technorati, they have their own blog directories and blog rating sites, and they have forum communities for bloggers to talk to each other and exchange links with. Without a blog you don’t have access to this huge traffic potential!

Lets not forget SERP’s you can get from the massive keywords you can put in your blog posts that will hit the search engines. Forums and Directories can do that too, but you can get this and all the above by just having a blog. Blogging is the fad of the internet. If you want lots of traffic to a website, you have to go with the flow and the flow is with blogging right now.

I recommend you get the wordpress software from wordpress.org and get your own domain.   I’ve done that with my other sites,  it turns out this site got a good ranking in the beginning so I didn’t want to touch it.

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Hello world!

Welcome to Blogging 4 Money! If you want to read about me go here. If you are interested in exchanging links with me read more here

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